Production of women’s knitwear for leading companies


High quality and Italian style: Elsamanda’s pride and joy

Elsamanda’s most genuine passion has always been dedicated to the creation of new yarns mixed in many colour shades, backed also by an advanced know-how in producing knitwear with thick fiber fineness. Preserving the distinctive features of traditional manufacture in large-scale industrial production is fundamental. But also, Elsamanda addresses its efforts in sourcing the latest Italian yarns (mohair, alpaca, merino wool) and reshaping them into finest women’s knitwear, informal, appealing and modern.


This precious yarn is produced by the Angora goat. Thanks to the considerable length of the mohair fiber and its peculiar softness, it can be used also to create yarns with brushed effect. This special yarn is used for light clothing, as soft as silk. It is perfect for perforated knitwear, very warm and embracing. What makes the mohair a very valuable yarn is its good result after dyeing: coloring is uniform and strong, well-rooted in the fiber itself.


Prized for its light weight and thermal factor. It does not contain any lanolin, does not become matted and does not cause any allergic reactions. Alpaca wool knitwear is appreciated worldwide for its lightness, softness and thermal benefits.

Merino wool

Merino wool’s gift is its thermal effect and knitwear produced with this prestigious yarn does not warm up the body but preserve the heat produced by the body itself. Merino garments can be worn even in summer and are named ‘lightweight wool’ or ‘four seasons’.